vauxhall corsa/combo van leak repairs

At Bettawindscreens water leaks is something we have been doing for the past 25 years so what ever car you drive if it leaks then give us a call.

Vauxhall corsa /combo van 99/05water leak on drivers side
water leak on vauxhall corsa servo plate

Corsa Leaks Can We Fix Them? .........Corsa Can.

We do offer a mobile service for the UK so give us a call 

workshop price for repair is £150

Mobile repairs for corsa / combo van in London Cardiff Edinburgh Glassgow £280

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Why you should leave it to a company whos knows all about leaks.


We have found over the past years that we seem to be fixing more and more water leaks on the vauxhall corsa model  1999 to 2005. The water is always found on the drivers side and will collect in the rear footwell untill it is unable to take any more water then it will start to show at the front. this is due to the shape of the floor pan. The water enters the car from a plate which holds the brake servo, and to fix this once and for all this needs to be removed and resealed. Should you wish to book your car in for this work then give us a call on 0161 406 9991. Leaving a leak like this can cause more damage than you can imagine. Not just with condensation and damp in the car , with  so many electrcal components in todays cars water leaks can start to make these parts malfunction so the sooner this is put right the better.

        Like most of the leaks  we work on most dealers will charge two hours labour to diagnosis the leak then tell you what you alredy know that you have a leak at a cost of £80 to £140 Then comes the hard bit the shock of how much it cost to put the job right. We have been told by some customers who have been quoted from £700 to £1200 to put the job right.

Now for the good news after two years of repairs in our workshop in Stockport Cheshire we have Now decided to go mobile with our repairs.

After reading many forums on the internet i would like to say that the work can not be done without removing the servo. So don't beleave all you read. Is it a job for the DIY person?  in my mind no unless you are good with cars then keep well away, remember you are removing the brake servo not a bulb or a wiper. How sure are we this will fix the leak? 100% fix never had one back yet but do remember you could have more than one leak on your car but so far we are not aware of any other major leaks on this type of car. 


Mobile repairs Full Uk coverage

For a price on a mobile repair we would need to know your postcode and contact number, you can Email us at or give us a call on one of the above numbers.

Betta Windscreens Leak specialist
corsa water leak

Betta windscreens carry out water leak repairs to all kind of cars so regaurdless of the make or model why not give us a call on 0161 406 9991

As you can see in the photo why they leak.

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